$MSNX Token

Unlocking a new world of wealth

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Network Governance

Fast transaction speed,low fees,and easy cross-chain trading. Rapid transactions,minimal fees,and effortless cross-chain capabilities.

Value Stacking

Supports various financial applications to meet your direrse needs. Empowers a wide range of financial applications to cater to your evolving needs.

Increased Security

Built on leading blockchain technology, ensuring security, reliability, and transparent transactions. Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology for secure, reliable, and transparent transactions


$MSNX Structure
  • Total supply:1,000,000,000
  • Token:MSNX
  • Community & user rewards:35%:
  • Privates & public sale:25%
  • Governance & ecosystem:15%
  • Team and Advisors:15%
  • Reserve & future development:10%
$MSNX Utility
  • Hold $MSNX tokens to vote on pivotal decisions.
  • Enjoy reduced transaction fees across
  • get early access to new features
  • Stake $MSNX for premium yields
  • Long-term holders receive loyalty bonuses
  • Launch ICO Q3 2024
DEX Launch
  • Fundraising:$500,000
  • DEX Platforms:Raydium,PancakeSwap
  • Allocation:Platform development