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Innovative DeFi

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DAO Governance

MSNX:Join us and usher in a new chapter in decentralized finance

Core Advantages

Unleash Multi-Chain Assets

Seamlessly integrate and trade BTC L2 and other cross-chain assets on Solana unlocking their full potential

Trade Efficiently

Experience lower fees and faster confirmations on Solana,Optimizing your asset management.

Go Beyond Storage

Participate in diverse DeFi activities like liquidity mining staking and lending on the $MSNX platform.

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  • Tokens Sale
    500,000,000 $MSNX
  • Pre-sale
    90,000,000 $MSNX(18%)
  • update IDO
    400,000,000 $MSNX(80%)
  • KOL
    10,000,000 $MSNX(2%)


  • Tiered Pricing for Pioneers
    The first 5% of IDO participants will receive 20% off
  • Second Wave Advantage
    will receive 10% off
  • VIP Liquidity Pools
    Join our exclusive liquidity pool and earn higher rewards


  • Community Engagement
    Join our tribe and get $MSNX rewards
  • Referral Perks
    Bring in friends to $MSNX
  • Exclusive Event Drops
    Participate in select events


Tap into MSNX Anywhere

Monitor, Manage, and Multiply your DeFi assets on-the-go with our comprehensive mobile application.

Our Team

Alexander Novak


Sets the overall strategy and business direction for $MSNX, Communicates with investors

Lucy Wong


Leads the MSNX technical team in developing and maintaining the platform's technical architecture

Michael Robertson


Ensures that the MSNX platform meets international security and compliance standards

Gore Dani

Front-end engineer

Experienced frontend developer and user experience designer

Michael Smith

Backend Engineer

Develop, maintain, and optimize the backend systems

Emily Carson

Marketing Director

community engagment, content development,partnership building


Seamlessly transfer various L2 assets across MSNX and other blockchains. MSNX also offers asset synthesis services, allowing users to synthesize new assets from different L2 assets and participate in richer derivatives trading

On MSNX, cross-chain synthesis converts BTC/BTC L2 and ETH L1/L2 BNB AVAX etc to Solana-based sBTC and sETH etc using oracles for real-time pricing and bridges for asset transfer. Use these synthetics for staking, lending, liquidity mining, and options trading—all with the efficiency and low cost of Solana.

MSNX ensures the security of your assets through stringent code audits and a robust bug bounty program. Our smart contracts are vetted by industry-leading security firms, and we incentivize the community to help identify vulnerabilities, maintaining an impenetrable DeFi environment.

MSNX tokens are integral to our platform, empowering users with governance rights, transaction fee discounts, and access to exclusive DeFi services. They're used for staking to earn rewards, participating in liquidity mining programs, and voting on key platform decisions, aligning the ecosystem's growth with token holder interests.

MSNX prioritizes regulatory compliance by adhering to the latest legal standards across jurisdictions. We engage with regulatory bodies, conduct thorough KYC/AML procedures, and implement data protection measures to ensure a secure, transparent, and compliant DeFi platform for all users.

$MSNX is committed to a transparent and equitable distribution strategy that includes public sales, community rewards, and strategic partnerships, all aimed at fostering a diversified and engaged token holder base.

MSNX offers a suite of decentralized services including cross-chain asset synthesis, decentralized trading, and liquidity mining. These services are designed to provide users with secure, transparent, and efficient DeFi solutions.

MSNX utilizes blockchain's inherent transparency to log all transactions and smart contract interactions on a public ledger. This, combined with regular audits and open-source code, fosters trust within the MSNX community.

Funds raised will be allocated to further platform development, security enhancements, marketing, legal compliance, and operational expenses.

Listings on DEX and the initiation of the CEX process will align with $MSNX's strategic milestones. Stay tuned for timely updates.

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